Well known lawyer Alberto Magro Advocate’s performance is commendable. Ikram Uddin

He has always handled immigrant cases very well. Chief International Global Times Media

International Desk, Sicily
According to Global Times media report, Ikramuddin,Chief executive of International Global Times Media Europe and head of the jazba ittihad Union of Journalists organization said that the performance of Alberto Magro a well-known lawyer from Sicily Italy is commendable. Alberto Magro Advocate has always handled immigrant cases very well and always treated immigrants very well, which is why he is so popular in Sicily. He said that in a very short span of time,many cases of migrants have been won by Alberto Magro Advocate which is a source of pride for the people. He has always provided justice to the oppressed and is committed to providing justice to the migrants. Ikramuddin, head of Jazba Ittehad Union of Journalists said that a competent lawyer like Alberto Magro Advocate is the identity of the country and the nation. He said that the judicial system in Italy is equal for all, regardless of the country. The Italian government has always supported immigrants and because of that, there is great respect in the hearts of immigrants for the Italian government and people.

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