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Mataan Na Manjeen founder of Sindhi Memes

Writer: Ajmal Meer Mahdi, Hyderabad.

Ajmal Meer

The Internet has become the largest part of the communication source of the world. The dissemination of this technology breaks the barriers of information access for the public. The worldwide web not only provide freedom to ingress data but also provide entertainment.

A large part of internet usage is through social media. Social media are collaborative internet base medium which facilitates users to share information,  educational professional services personal views, updates, and unlimited opportunities to explore. Majority of youth use social media and to connect with friends, do their educational assignments and amusement.

There are many popular trends in entertainment, like making Vlogs, playing games with friends sharing memes. These memes usually consist of images with sarcastic or funny catchphrases present various phenomena in a lighter tone. The term meme was given by Richard Dawkins in his book The selfish Gene in 1976 which is very common today’s meme.

Nowadays, internet memes have evolved drastically containing GIFs and sensational videos. These memes makers are commonly known as memers They make memes with catchy phrases depicting culture and norms of society. This trend also become popular in Pakistani youngsters. People write an interesting captions on pictures/videos to make people laugh. Such as in Pakistan a video got viral, when Federal government did not increase wages of servants. In video an African black men were crying dipped sad song and in caption servants reaction of no increasing of wages in 2020 budget.

Many youngsters make memes with satire. Most  people not only share their brand but also entertain people and bring smiles and laughs on face of people.

There are many Facebook pages and groups on social media and YouTube channels, where people upload funny (memes)to entertain people. Youth of Sindh also follow this trend with admiration.  A Facebook page named matan na manjeen asan sindhin khey in 12 July 2016, which was first Sindhi page sharing memes in Sindhi.

This page got fame rapidly and got upto 15k likes and much more sharing posts in starting week. Founder used to edit trailers of Bollywood movies and includes different voices as politicians such as raees Indian movie and Asif Ali Zardari Video mixing.

Founder said our purpose is to promote Sindhi language and celebrities in funny way. This page is one of the most trending page on social media, working in Sindhi language. Page name is matan na manjeen asan sindhin khey which means Believe Sindhis are adventures they can complete all dares.

These kind of activities should be encouraged, as they present society face in a amusement manner. These memes should be taken on a lighter note and not taken as personal attack. Such healthy trends should be cheered to bring smile and lighten up the mood of already stressed population facing varies social and economic problems.

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