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Sumra Latif Mughal

Latif Mughal with party leaders

Today is my dearest Father Lateef Mughal’s 3rd death anniversary, we are nothing without him but just a mere reflection of all Lateef Mughal was. We are the most blessed one to have been gifted with a great leader as our Father, no doubt every moment spend under his shade has been precious, memorable & valuable. He has lead us to a path of glory, thats the struggle for the Rights of vulnerable, Seeking for justice with hope, love for humanity has always been his favourite rule, as Peace maker he has always loved & served the people irrespective of the boundaries..for the continuous struggle of 45 years, there is no way to get back..the years will continue to be multiplied till our last breath. The love for Bhuttoism will always remain in our genes because we love him & his passion.
He has been a true inspiration for our lives, a man of immense courage, a philanthropist, a socialist, a humanist, a cancer fighter, a protector of democracy, every trait was clearly visible in his graceful personality & persisitant struggle.

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  1. Lateef Mughal was not only an individual but the name of an era, An era of commitment, movement, loyalty and dedication.

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