European countries leaders cried on their affected public. Ikram Uddin

I also cried by seeing their tears. Chief Global Times Media Europe

Indus News, Europe
Ikram Ud Din Chief executive Global Times News Agency European Organizations said that leaders of the countries cried on the expiry of their affected public with corona virus.They have with all resources can’t stop the expiry of their public from Corona virus.Ikram Ud Din Chief executive Global Times News Agency European Organization said that I can’t control myself by seeing the tears of leaders of affected countries.There are such calamity that can’t be remove by any country . The only solution to resolve such issues like disease epidemic and other diseases is in Quran Pak which is reveal on Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ( PBUH).We should protect our love ones.I appeal to all countries that don’t take it lightly but take it serious and should make proper plan to control corona virus . Chief Ikram Ud Din said that round about 5 lacks people are affected with Corona virus and several people are expired which is very sad for whole humanity .

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