Gender Prejudice- Destroying Women’s Career

Bisma Waseem

Nature has separated human beings into two genders, male and female. Both the genders are blessed with different sort of qualities and given responsibilities which suit them, along with the blessings and responsibilities; nature has very clearly stated the rights of both on each other. Gender Prejudice is a practice which we face when both the men and womendemonstrate the desire of mocking their duties without giving credit to each other. In such circumstances, the powerful becomes aggressor and other the victim of aggression. Basically when we think that women are not alike men and are not competent for doing anything good then gender prejudice or discrimination comes into play.

Worldwide, a comprehensive 1989 survey of women concluded that in most countries women were “poor, pregnant, and powerless. During the 1990s, the most serious issue of trafficking in women for forced labor, domestic servitude, or sexual exploitation had affected an estimated one to two million women and teenage girls.

World’s large portion of women is still being discriminated in each community, religion or country directly or indirectly in different stages of life. In many countries, women are still regarded as the property of men,they have no access to birth control information, are not allowed to vote, and are prohibited from working with men. In most of the societies, being born female considered as fatal and male children are greatly preferred. In some countries, young girls are sold by their families into the prostitution trade.

Let’s come to our very own country Pakistan where gender Discrimination is on the high peak. Pakistani societiesare just the accurate places to abuse femalesemotionally, physically and forcefully. When she is in her parent’s home she is bound to accept whatever is thrown towards her by her family. When she gets marry, she moves under supervision of her new boss and his orders become script of her life without having a right of expressing her opinion because her opinions are not considered worthy enough to listen. Muslim scholars of Pakistan state that Islam has provided that respect and lost prestige to women but it remains limited in discussions , People never tried to give it a practical face , we accept it but we don`t practice and you know why? Because Pakistani’s male dominated societies consider women a lesser creature.

In our daily routine, we have to see different incidents of violation of female rights. Women suffer from different forms of brutality like rape; domestic violence; sexual harassment, as well as harmful customary or traditional practices such as honor killings, dowry violence, female genital mutilation, marriage by abduction and forced marriages.Educational facilities are rare for women.They still have less access to medical care,health services,ownership,credit,property and employment.

In the end I would like to throw some light on our working class women, who for some reasons find themselves in a position where they got to work. The minute a woman has stepped in the office for an interview;many dirty minds start speculations about their character. Most of time they get refusals but even if they are selected , unethical, unacceptable, inhuman , uncivilized and unjust expectations start revolving in heads of people.We have seen in our offices that girls do get black mailed or forced to do undesired things.There are several effects and consequences of gender discrimination, in the workplace. It leads to an increase in employee turnover and creates a hostile work environment. Gender discrimination also promotes harassment and possible workplace violence. Male dominated society thinks that it`s their right to exploit the women. It is pity that we are followers of such a logical and realistic ideologies but still find our self in a state where we embrace the whole humanity.

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