Kashmiri Women Are the Symbol of Sacrifice

Mir Aqeel Abbas Talpur

BBCWomen are plying and can play further for achieving their rights for resolution of Kashmir issue and achieving the sustainable peace in a region. Women in conflicts zones carry the heaviest burdens and bear the greatest weight of occupation and same is the case with Kashmiri women.

According to a seminar was held at Islamabad, Women in Kashmir don’t enjoy the basic rights which are given under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). And even promised under (CEDAW) “The Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women”, adopted in 1979 by the united nations general assembly described as an international bill of rights for women. This defines women rights and their fundamental freedom in the political, economic, social, cultural and civil or any other sphere of life. Unfortunately the international instruments have no impact on the situation of human rights in Kashmir and Indian government is not providing basic rights to Kashmiri people especially to women. In the end of 1980s a new black chapter of severe violation of human rights started which continues till now and women are worst affected in this regard also. Since 1989 more than thousand Kashmiri women have been gang raped by Indian forces and more than twenty two thousand have been widowed and thousands are living the lives of half widows whose husbands have disappeared and their fate remains unknown. Women are being raped with impurity and most of them go unreported giving the social stigma and fear of retribution by the Indian government. In Kashmir women haven’t freedom and protection in society due to states terrorism by Indian occupied troops. Their husbands, brothers, and sons are brutally murdered in front of their eyes. Similarly males of the family are forced to stand while their women are being raped. It is psychological trauma and to be women has been a crime in Kashmir who is victim of war crimes.

Ratio of stress related diseases has increased from 10% to 60% -70% from 1990 to till date. Making out of 100 women are psychological patient. Women carry burden of murdered men as they are unable to earn livelihood in presence of about 800 thousand occupied troops. Kashmiri women have not good education and health facilities.

Kashmiri women since last even decades are fighting for just cause and have given their basic rights and peace in their homeland. Kashmiri women stand resilient today in their victimhood.

Tribute to women who are facing violence, crackdown, fake encounters, disappearance, brutal torture, and shoot to kill incidents but still struggling to have their rights. Women are principal stakeholders in Kashmir issue and it is time that everyone has to recognize that. This time when women around the world are putting their demands for full education, health care, and security etc. also these demands of Kashmiri women. Women of the entire world should be stand with women of Kashmir they are gives scarifies and bear all kinds of victims for fundamental rights for their lives.

Student of M.A (Previous) at Institute of Gender Studies Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur

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