Change management. A tool to develop Pakistan


It’s been a long time our nation has lacked the role models among the students. Today’s students’ potential and stability of ambitions towards nation building is found in declining manner. Almost the students (Most of them; who are youth) are found with the opinion to have a no change in the life.

Throughout the life, we observe many changes starting from weather, seasons, temperature, climate ups and down, humidity ration. Never we tend to catch a basic point from this perfect system; that if the universe cannot exist without a continuity of change, then how a life can touch the peak of success having zero change?

The pearls of history testify the time, when a person called Nelson Mandela was a student. He observed the system to be worst at all; discriminating people from one another on the basis of color and creed. He vowed for the change and due to strong ambitions he got able to bring a destruct the apartheid system from West Indies. For this he had to join student federations and ultimately he became one of the prominent leader of the world; all because of an entire change.

The steep pace with which world in developing, it has become pre-requisite for every student to update their knowledge, skills as per latest trends of the world. As per need of the time, if we can have desktop computers after mainframe, core i3 after quad core, core i5 after core i3 and so on, then why we cannot have a mind with an updated knowledge and skills as compared to older one?

Most of the students in Pakistan, specifically of interior areas (Small cities) are found with low self-motivation, confidence. Almost 90% of them have zero interest to compete the world and work for the development of the nation. Due to lake of internal instinct to groom in the world, they search for the short cuts in their lives; involve in corruption or achieve their goals via unfair means.

When the youth of Pakistan are in colleges and universities they have a plenty of time to waste over movies, entertainment, fun etc. But when it comes to gain extra knowledge, skills development, they have a common lame excuse; the burden of academic course and studies. To show their innocence they just blame their institutions; that they are not playing their role to make students become that much able. This is a common thing that wonderful personalities of the world have their unique status just because of their own efforts. They were not given the title of great scientists, father5 of chemistry, physics or any other subjects in their institutions. Great leaders proved themselves. Our youth has to understand the capacity and capability of our mind. We mostly share a common example that when people die, they had just 5% of their brain which they have consumed throughout the life. But when it comes to real life, we forget the power of our brain. We don’t realize that all the technology which we use is just a small effort of our brain; which came possible only when men tend to bring a change.

All the afflictions and woes cast a shadow of the future’s alarming situation in Pakistan. If our youth continues same behavior then it may create a tough time for our next generations to survive in this country. Our systems demands the youth to change their attitude and steep their speed with the global world. The entire system of our nation; including democracy, parliament, Courts and other departments can only work smoothly and effectively when they have a wonderful capital which is not possible until and unless the youth of Pakistan stands over a common stance to change themselves, update their knowledge, promote entrepreneurship rather than being just an employee of small level. If the students of Pakistan realize the importance of change management; they can make this country a best place to live in the world.

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